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delay / задержка, отсрочка, промедление
имя существительное
delay, setback, retention, lag, retardation, detention
delay, postponement, respite, reprieve, grace, deferment
delay, procrastination, protraction, tarry
delay, detain, stay, hold, retard, arrest
save, put off, delay, postpone, defer, deposit
delay, linger, tarry, stay, pause, temporize
имя существительное
a period of time by which something is late or postponed.
a two-hour delay
make (someone or something) late or slow.
the train was delayed
She thought, perhaps by slowing the process down she could delay the moment when her solitude set in.
If your response is positive we shall proceed immediately without any delay .
A repulsive van der Waals term is slowly introduced after an initial delay of up to 80% of the original values.
I set off without delay
a two-hour delay
The strike was postponed after the government said it would delay making a final decision on the sale.
To slow pipes from freezing, turn both hot and cold water faucets to a trickle; the continuous water flow will delay freezing.
This causes procrastination and delay , giving the stock yet another chance and then yet another.
With the simple word she nodded and kissed my forehead, lingering to delay the inevitable.
But the slower she did it, the longer she could delay what would happen next.