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delate / обвинять, доносить, оглашать
blame, accuse, indict, charge, prosecute, delate
inform, report, waft, denounce, tell, delate
publish, publicize, resound, preconize, cry, delate
report (an offense or crime).
they may delate my slackness to my patron
they may delate my slackness to my patron
they may delate my slackness to my patron
Why else would his unsupported delation have led to my immediate dismissal?
During the Empire professional delators were many because of the monetary rewards that awaited a winner.
He was delated to Rome for his writings on the laity and the shadow of suspicion was not lifted until he was made cardinal in 1878.
Ten years after his consecration he was delated for heresy by an ecclesiastical court, and subsequently excommunicated from the Anglican Church altogether.
Moreover, the Vatican has recently reaffirmed the need for and propriety of ‘ delation ,’ that is, secret submissions to church authorities of derogatory information.
However, when he published ‘On Consulting the Faithful, in Matters of Doctrine’, it was delated to Rome, and he was charged with subverting just authority.
He punished the delators ; reduced the privileges of the praetorians, and reformed the law courts.
They knew of people called delators who made a living out of accusing people before the authorities.