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dejected / удрученный, пришибленный
имя прилагательное
dejected, downcast, crestfallen, dispirited, heartsick, chapfallen
dejected, crestfallen
имя прилагательное
sad and depressed; dispirited.
he stood in the street looking dejected
make sad or dispirited; depress.
nothing dejects a trader like the interruption of his profits
But myself and the players are more dejected than anyone.
Its hero, Milo, is perpetually dejected , burdened with motiveless discontent.
But as the years passed, they became more gloomy and dejected , and I could see why during my visits.
Vanessa watched on in dejected melancholy, wishing somewhere in the back of her mind that Jordan would argue like that with her.
Dark blue, on the other hand, has a sedative effect, and can make some people feel melancholy and dejected .
The inability of entering Western intellectual society made them feel dejected and depressed.
The story tapers off, leaving the reader disappointed and dejected by a work that promises much, but delivers little.
I wasn't used to this unhappy, dejected personality he'd cultivated and I wasn't entirely sure how to deal with it.
They were forlorn, dejected , and pleading, yet so serenely resolved he was compelled to do as she asked.
‘The film is about a teenage daughter who tries to create a nonexistent boyfriend for her dejected mother,’ Robinson said.