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deify / обожествлять, боготворить
deify, god, divinize, iconize, divinify, apotheosize
worship, idolize, deify, god, make a god of
worship, regard, or treat (someone or something) as a god.
she was deified by the early Romans as a fertility goddess
We deify these people like they can do special, extraordinary things, and they can't.
We have tried as hard as we can not to deify him, not to be too reverential and not to slip into easy sentiment.
Um, there have, I confess, been efforts to deify Mary.
I know that we glamorize and deify the best and the worst humanity has to offer.
Others, even while expressing sympathy for her sufferings, find insufferable the attempt by some politicians to deify her.
Though outlawed and rarely performed, the act is deemed to deify the perpetrator, blessing her family for seven generations after her death.
By this time, the practice of using a contour map of India to deify Bharat Mata had already gained popularity.
But to deify Orwell, as many disciples were inclined to do, does him an injustice.
Many natural processes were deified (once upon a time), as man had no explanation for them.
During the Late Period his veneration extended to deification and he became a local god at Memphis where he was glorified for his skills as a physician and a healer.