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dehydrate / обезвоживать, дегидратировать
cause (a person or a person's body) to lose a large amount of water.
his body temperature was high, and he had become dehydrated
The goal here is essentially to dehydrate the vegetables and caramelize the outside at the same time.
When my body can dehydrate and lose its water just like the land drying up.
He then used a vacuuming process to dehydrate this softened grain, leaving behind a thick, sweet goo.
the nurses made sure I didn't dehydrate
Have a glass of water with your meals instead of caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee, which dehydrate the body.
If these minerals are heated, they will dehydrate and lose their water of hydration.
Coffee can also dehydrate you, so counter its effects by drinking water.
Making pasta from zucchini or dehydrating fruits is time-consuming, and many raw meals can take days to prepare.
The most dehydrated grapes in the press may not in any case yield juice until being pressed twice or three times.
They also pack dehydrated foods like dried fruit and mashed potatoes.