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dehumanize / делать бесчеловечным, лишать человеческих качеств, делать грубым
делать бесчеловечным
лишать человеческих качеств
делать грубым
roughen, rough, coarsen, dehumanize
deprive of positive human qualities.
the dehumanizing effects of war
In the face of dehumanization he remained human - and did not dehumanize his fellow humanity to try and get ahead or gain an advantage for himself.
It's a kind of documentary on how, in order to wage war, man must first dehumanize his enemy - see him as a monster of sorts - and this is accomplished with propaganda.
In our attempts to dehumanize our enemy we end up becoming less than human ourselves.
He applied business methods to the handling of human beings who, once they had been dehumanised , could be treated no differently from cargoes of kerosene.
But one cannot think of human life itself as a problem to be solved without dehumanizing it - dissolving its richness and its meaning.
By definition slavery was a brutal, violent and dehumanising institution, where slaves were seen as akin to animals.
He argues that we hear too much about statistics and nothing of the humans involved, thus dehumanizing the victims by depicting them as statistics.
‘My experiences of making this film made me very aware of the sadness and the dehumanization of people at times of war,’ he said.
To call a person ‘Evil’ or a ‘Monster’ only has the effect of dehumanising the crime itself, diminishing the responsibility of a society in dispensing apt punishment.
They were pushed over the top by what they considered the brutal, racist and dehumanizing actions of white officers.