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degeneracy / вырождение, дегенерация, дегенеративность
имя существительное
degeneration, degeneracy, degradation, devolution
degeneration, degeneracy
имя существительное
the state or property of being degenerate.
the ills of society, from sexual degeneracy to political corruption
The ‘decline of morality’ in subsequent Western culture should not be seen as a mere falling-away, but a tendency to degeneracy lying in the very standpoint of moral autonomy itself.
Conversely, it is conceivable that they just enjoy drenching themselves in an acid rain of squalor and degeneracy , and that their disciples are self-loathing masochists.
the ills of society, from sexual degeneracy to political corruption
But he never succumbed to the lure of rock 'n' roll degeneracy , generally avoiding both the gossip columns and the gutter.
To many it is considered a sign of degeneracy not to be interested in it.
Opium smokers had a darker reputation connected to poverty, vice, and degeneracy , and aroused public antipathy long before other types of addicts did so.
When I told him about this tidal wave of degeneracy , he advised me not to panic.
Dazzling, rapid-fire prose and fast, dry dialogue lend tragicomic humour to these tales of individualists who nosedive inevitably into degeneracy , despair, desperation and disillusion.
But I do recognize forms of degeneracy and decadence, which have been imposed upon human behavior, which some people mistake, for the essential nature of man.
After 1870, religious bigotry gave way to racial bigotry; all non-Anglo Saxon peoples were described as permanently inferior due to their intellectual, moral, and physical degeneracy .