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defy / бросать вызов, игнорировать, пренебрегать
бросать вызов
challenge, defy, affront, outdare, bid defiance to
ignore, disregard, overlook, defy, eliminate, elide
neglect, flout, disregard, ignore, disdain, defy
openly resist or refuse to obey.
a woman who defies convention
I defy anyone who calls themselves human not to go weak at the knees when they hear this guy sing - a voice so clear and perfect that it could probably craft the edges on diamonds.
go now, defy him to the combat
It is in the nature of disaster to defy representation.
That's why scientists were shocked to spot an insect with wings that seem to defy the forces of nature.
I would defy anyone to keep coming up with something different because it's really difficult, but to do the same thing bores me and I won't lay that on the public.
They defy the laws of nature and have no respect for the lives that are destroyed by them.
If the bishop is the final word on governance in his diocese, then he can openly defy the Pope in matters of governance.
This enables one to control various energies and seemingly defy the laws of nature.
his actions defy belief
Guide dog owners have condemned ‘ignorant’ restaurants and pubs that continue to defy the law by refusing to accept their animals.