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defunct / несуществующий, покойный, умерший
имя прилагательное
nonexistent, defunct, null, minus
late, deceased, departed, defunct, later, latter
dead, deceased, died, late, departed, defunct
deceased, departed, defunct
disappeared, defunct, irremeable, dispelled
имя существительное
deceased, departed, defunct, late lamented
имя прилагательное
no longer existing or functioning.
a now defunct technology that only people over a certain age remember
The forum, which started in 1993 and is now defunct , was funded by local authorities around the country.
The following humorous extract, written by Leo, was in a story published in a long defunct magazine.
The Mercury music prize has been running for so long that the corporate sponsor whose name it bears is now defunct .
He assured journalists this did not mean the present system was defunct .
It was created to be worn by the chairman of the now defunct Cleveland County Council, which was abolished in 1996.
The revelation that a number of shops are welcoming back the officially defunct currency illustrates the mood.
A copy of the Manchester Courier, which is now defunct , was also found.
His father worked for 29 years for the now defunct men's clothing chain.
When it burnt down three years ago Bill built himself a new hut from palettes and reclaimed materials from a defunct taxi business.
Just walk around the defunct City Arts Centre and see what looms ahead.