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defrost / размораживать, таять
defrost, unfreeze, defreeze
melt, thaw, dissolve, defrost, evanish
remove frost or ice from (the windshield of a motor vehicle).
The system then tells the vehicle's vents to open, pre-warming the interior of the vehicle and defrosting the windshield.
It takes longer to defrost meat this way, but it will add storage life after it's been cooked (and help you avoid food poisoning).
Car thieves made off with three cars where the engines had been left running to defrost the windscreens.
Clean out the fridge with a clean cloth regularly and defrost the freezer every few months or if there's a large build up of ice.
I also desperately need to defrost my freezer so I can have some meat in the house.
They might prefer to buy them frozen, defrost them at home and eat them freshly defrosted, so to speak, not after they have been sitting in a pool of water for several days.
A small amount is used to keep the cabinet from sweating, to defrost the refrigerator, and to illuminate the interior.
Regularly defrost manual-defrost refrigerators and freezers; frost buildup increases the amount of energy needed to keep the motor running.
she opened the door to let the fridge defrost
This follows a spate of car thefts from driveways last winter, where engines were left running to defrost windscreens.
There are three ways to safely defrost food: under cold running water, in the microwave, and in the refrigerator.