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defrock / расстричь, лишать духовного сана
лишать духовного сана
unfrock, defrock, disfrock
deprive (a person in holy orders) of ecclesiastical status.
Because it is a state church, however, the Lutheran Church cannot defrock him.
Journalists rarely understand the full power of the press, but one authority we don't have is the power to defrock priests.
The Dallas resolution made it much easier to defrock a priest for molesting a child.
he had left his diocese one step ahead of a move to defrock him
Because it is a state church, however, the Lutheran Church cannot defrock him.
If the gentlemen's code lauded self-sacrifice, its opposite selfishness - was behavior that, if egregious enough, could defrock a gentleman.
A bishops' committee has recommended the church defrock any priest who abuses children in the future, but says that if a priest only abused one child in the past, he might continue as a priest.
The cardinals said on Wednesday they would recommend a process to defrock any priest who has become ‘notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory sexual abuse of minors’.
This courageous stand put him at odds with the chief justice, who has since been defrocked for thumbing his nose at the federal courts.
Priests who are guilty of sexually assaulting minors should be defrocked and turned over to the law.
Do they determine in some way or another that this priest can be reassigned and another priest should be defrocked ?