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defragment / дефрагментировать
(of software) reduce the fragmentation of (a file) by concatenating parts stored in separate locations on a disk.
the safe way to defragment your files
Another thing to bear in mind is that if programs are installed and uninstalled regularly then the hard disk will rapidly become fragmented, so it is a good idea to defragment the drive.
the safe way to defragment your files
the safe way to defragment your files
You can choose which drives to defragment and whether to shut-down or reboot Windows once the deed is done.
Choose the disk you want to defragment and expect to let the program run for several hours.
Our first test involved setting up a daily defragmentation scheduled on a workstation used daily by six different people for spot editing of research documents.
It can take a while to do this, so you may want to set the defragmenter to run overnight.
You can also schedule defragmentation across your network.
I used it for their Disk clean up which was sort of okay, for the Registry clean up which was great, and for their disk defragmenter which I loved.
Before upgrading your hard disk it's best to do a complete disk checkup including disk scan, defragmentation , etc.