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deformity / деформация, уродство, уродливость
имя существительное
deformation, strain, deformity, warp, alteration, crippling
ugliness, deformity, malformation, monstrosity, disfigurement, eyesore
ugliness, deformity
имя существительное
a deformed part, especially of the body; a malformation.
children born with deformities
Any abnormality or change of these chromosomes causes congenital deformity and abnormal function.
Of the group, 1127 had problems like neuropathy and deformity and 536 patients suffered from infections.
Early treatment of the chicks by a veterinarian can often prevent the actual loss of a toe, although a scar or deformity sometimes remains for life.
If left untreated scarring and deformity can occur.
When spinal deformity , weakness, or immobility is present, height measurement is difficult and inaccurate.
In Delacroix's mind, too, disease, deformity , and physical frailty marked the privileged creator.
Even those who don't flinch at the sight of physical deformity may be socially uncomfortable around someone with a handicap.
They saw beyond his external condition of deformity and poverty and perceived a different kind of beauty.
Her flowing, black hair that reached the back of knees shone in the filtered sunlight and her complexion showed no trace of scar or deformity .
Many patients usually wish to conceal their condition as far as possible, to avoid embarrassment and being stigmatised by visible physical deformity .