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deformed / уродливый
имя прилагательное
ugly, deformed, malformed, monstrous, misshapen, unsightly
имя прилагательное
(of a person or part of the body) not having the normal or natural shape or form; misshapen.
his deformed hands
distort the shape or form of; make misshapen.
he was physically deformed by a rare bone disease
In addition to the principal units, deformed remnants of mafic dykes are abundant.
There has been an increase in deformed children being born.
A study of crack formation in fatigue can be facilitated by interrupting the fatigue test to remove the deformed surface by electro polishing.
In addition, there is now more control regarding which areas of the desired face get deformed .
The wives of US servicemen who were exposed to Agent Orange gave birth to a disproportionate number of deformed babies.
Containing 11 recent, life-size portrait statues of physically deformed individuals, the show had New York critics buzzing for weeks.
There were far too many deformed sperm in the sample.
The most obvious answer is the risk of producing severely deformed children.
In a more advance stage, an atretic follicle is easily distinguished without examination of its internal structure by its deformed or shrunken appearance.
The doctor is shown removing a deformed infant from its sobbing parents care.