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deformation / деформация, искажение, изменение формы
имя существительное
deformation, strain, deformity, warp, alteration, crippling
distortion, misrepresentation, corruption, perversion, deformation, falsification
изменение формы
deformation, reduction
имя существительное
the action or process of changing in shape or distorting, especially through the application of pressure.
solid rock undergoing slow deformation
The possibility that this scrappy specimen has also undergone very significant deformation should be considered.
What's more impressive is the sheer amount of attention paid to in-game facial deformation based on the amount of damage you inflict or receive.
solid rock undergoing slow deformation
Fatigue results in a brittle-appearing fracture, with no gross deformation at the fracture.
He proposed that insight into the mechanism of rock deformation could be obtained by subjecting confined samples to high pressures in the laboratory.
It indicates that some deformation and erosion of the Annascaul rocks occurred prior to deposition of the Ballynane Formation.
As a result, the culverts may undergo excessive deformation or failure rendering the culverts unserviceable.
The X-ray showed no apparent damage or deformation .
This again is a criterion of little value in high-strain rocks, where fine banding is a common consequence of deformation .
Thus it was able to undergo intense transformations, such as mechanical deformation or metamorphism, but remain always in proximity to the surface.