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defoliate / уничтожать растительность, лишать листвы
уничтожать растительность
лишать листвы
имя прилагательное
лишенный листьев
remove leaves from (a tree, plant, or area of land), for agricultural purposes or as a military tactic.
the area was defoliated and napalmed many times
The chemical was sprayed in large quantities from aircraft in a bid to defoliate the landscape and deny cover to enemy forces.
They thrive in hot, dry weather and can defoliate a rose plant very quickly.
In severe cases, blackspot can severely defoliate a plant.
I have to admit that it has come to my garden in numbers that will defoliate plants.
The third step in forcing dormancy is to wait three or four days after spraying and completely defoliate the plant by pulling off the leaves.
Caterpillars are known to defoliate coneflower plants.
They are a voracious pest, and, as I can testify from a couple of years ago, can defoliate an entire bush overnight if left to their own devices.
Cereal leaf beetle larvae may defoliate small grain foliage in the spring.
Frosts at any time in the growing season can partially or totally defoliate vines, but they typically remove the outermost leaf layers of a thick canopy.
One thousand caterpillars eating leaves might completely defoliate a tree in two weeks, whereas that same number of aphids would hardly be noted.