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defoliant / дефолиант
имя существительное
a chemical that removes the leaves from trees and plants and is often used in warfare.
Much of the countryside was laid waste through carpet-bombing, napalm and widespread use of chemical defoliants , and even a quarter century after the end of the war, the economic and ecological impact remain enormous.
We have to determine its effects on cotton quality, costs, and labor requirements, but we think it will be competitive with airplane spraying of a chemical defoliant .
Doctors say he is a victim of the defoliant , Agent Orange.
The defoliant was sprayed to destroy jungle cover for Vietnamese supply lines and wipe out crops intended to feed Vietnamese soldiers.
Agent Orange was used as a defoliant during the Vietnam War and included, as contaminants, dioxin and related compounds.
Decades after the wartime defoliant Agent Orange was sprayed over the country, dioxin continues to contaminate people through the food chain in present-day Vietnam, according to a study released yesterday.
Likely as a result of exposure to heavy doses of Agent Orange defoliant in Vietnam, he contracted a virulent form of leukemia that would pull him down in his early 60s.
A study, released in August last year by scientists from the US, Germany and Vietnam, found that the defoliant was still contaminating people through their food.
Dioxin was the contaminant in the herbicide Agent Orange, used as a defoliant in the Vietnam war and thought to have caused numerous health problems in veterans of that war.
Agent Orange was used as a defoliant and herbicide during the war.
In addition, the cotton crop is routinely sprayed with a defoliant each fall to get rid of the leaves to make harvesting easier.