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deflection / отклонение, прогиб, преломление
имя существительное
deviation, deflection, rejection, departure, variation, error
deflection, sag, sagging, flexure, buckling, arch
refraction, refracting, diffraction, deflection, deflexion
имя существительное
the action or process of deflecting or being deflected.
the deflection of the light beam
In both tests, the core failed to melt and showed no sign of panel bowing, bending, or deflection .
his volley took a deflection off a United defender
The ball took a deflection as it found its way into the corner past goalkeeper Jones who was still lining up the wall.
Brighton won through a header by Adam Virgo that took a deflection off defender Clarke Carlisle past Neil Sullivan.
The winners took the lead as early as the 7th minute with a powerful shot that took a deflection on its way to the net.
the deflection of the light beam
an 11-mile deflection of the river
the deflection of the light beam
Single stars are of comparatively small mass, cosmically speaking, and so produce little deflection of light beams.
Six minutes after his arrival Cole got possession and fired a shot that took a deflection off the unlucky City defender Martin Taylor on its way to goal.