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deflect / отклонять, отклоняться, преломлять
reject, dismiss, deflect, divert, turn down, turn away
deviate, digress, deflect, depart, diverge, wander
refract, diffract, deflect
cause (something) to change direction by interposing something; turn aside from a straight course.
the bullet was deflected harmlessly into the ceiling
he attempted to deflect attention away from his private life
They wore mirrored armor that would deflect a number of shots until the enamel wore off and only plain steel lay beneath.
He would rather dive athletically into the mud to save a nifty strike or make a catlike leap - despite his allegedly gammy knee - to deflect a shot heading for the top corner.
Cantus swung frantically, attempting to deflect his opponent's blows, one of his swipes finally scoring underneath Soren's defenses.
The sickness and the ultimate end which she knew was inevitable did not deflect her from her duties and up to her last days she met her patients and carried on with her work.
They are attempting to deflect the ball, distract and unsight defenders and goalkeeper and be in place for rebound opportunities.
How could any opponent appear to deflect the chief from the urgent cause of tribal defence?
He knows where to be, has the ability to deflect a shot coming in and has the quick reflexes to pounce on rebounds.
he attempted to deflect attention away from his private life
But she added that they would not deflect her from her efforts and that she remained hopeful.