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deflate / выкачивать, спускать, снижать
pump, pump out, deflate, tap, empty, exhaust
let down, down, lower, discharge, bleed, deflate
reduce, lower, cut, sink, degrade, deflate
let air or gas out of (a tire, balloon, or similar object).
he deflated one of the tires
cause (someone) to suddenly lose confidence or feel less important.
the news left him feeling utterly deflated
bring about a general reduction of price levels in (an economy).
Well, could inflation soon deflate the economy?
Somehow, hearing the understanding in his voice seemed to deflate her.
It is clear that the propensity of an economy to deflate is in direct proportion to the degree of protectionism it historically maintained.
The seat is fitted with a number of air cushions, which inflate or deflate automatically to adjust to the current driving situation.
Well, could inflation soon deflate the economy?
Getting where they're coming from will probably deflate your anger, so you'll have a better chance of expressing yourself in a way that lets them truly hear you.
As the bouncy castle's palm tree began to deflate , the crowds returned to their offices with a faint whiff of mint lingering in the air.
He's a confident character; nothing seems to deflate him.
The farmer, a prominent opposition supporter, fled his Marondera homestead when youths attacked his car with clubs and iron bars and tried to deflate the tyres on Friday.
Armed officers, who were lying in wait for the would-be raiders, disabled their van using Hatton rounds - bullets designed to deflate tyres with minimum damage.
The fury of the wind and water caused his shirt to billow - to inflate and deflate like a balloon.