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define / определять, устанавливать, обозначать
define, determine, set, measure, designate, govern
install, set, establish, place, set up, define
denote, designate, mark, define, note, denominate
state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of.
the contract will seek to define the client's obligations
mark out the boundary or limits of.
clearly defined boundaries
does your background define who you are?
Founded by Cardinal Richelieu in 1635, its purpose was to produce a dictionary that would define all significant words of the French language.
Against a rich blue background, heavy lines delineate swooping curves that define a vertical, multicolored form with a bulbous yellow protrusion.
Solahudin suggested a periodic dialog among religious organizations to communicate their aspirations and define the clear direction of their respective struggles.
First, these four movies pushed me more than the rest to define a clear set of aesthetic principles by which to evaluate them.
By far the most effective way to turn fear into confidence is to be clear - to define the future in such vivid terms that we can see where we are headed.
it's hard to define Irishness
Now the concept of ‘public safety’ has no inherent specific content that would impose a stopping point or define a boundary beyond which it does not extend.
it's hard to define it precisely
Costumes help define character and establish setting.