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defile / дефиле, ущелье, теснина
имя существительное
defile, pass, bottleneck, ravine
canyon, ravine, pass, defile, gap, rift
gorge, narrow, defile, notch
defile, desecrate, profane, pollute, violate, contaminate
pollute, contaminate, dirty, defile
имя существительное
a steep-sided, narrow gorge or passage (originally one requiring troops to march in single file).
In setting up fire pockets, an advantageous front line configuration is chosen, in gaps between strongholds, approaches to commanding heights, choke points, defiles , valleys, gorges, etc.
sully, mar, or spoil.
the land was defiled by a previous owner
(of troops) march in single file.
we emerged after defiling through the mountainsides
the twisting track wormed its way up a defile to level ground
Torah scrolls are publicly burned, and swine are sacrificed over sacred Jewish books to defile them.
Just south of the town he took position in a defile , facing south-east with the road through the Wittlewood forest at his back.
On the ground itself there is no defile , no gorge, no precipitous mountain pass, nothing which can remotely be called a Gap from the point of view of anybody on the ground.
You will never convert us to your religion and defile our women.
The view is mind-boggling, with a precipitous drop into the defile of the Lairig Ghru, the great pass that splits the Cairngorms, linking Aviemore and Braemar.
We did not want non-Jews to enter our Temple to defile our sacred sites or texts.
The upper strip, a cornice of fir trees etched against the sky; below the tinted mass of forest crowding down to the floor of the defile by the waters of the blue Arazas.
The route to the village lies through the mile-long Alikhel gorge, a narrow defile that is perfect for an ambush - as the mujahideen had found against the Russians.
In the time of David Thompson, the Salish ‘crossed the Mountains by a wide defile of easy passage, eastward of the Saleesh or Flathead Lake.’