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deficient / недостающий, недостаточный, несовершенный
имя прилагательное
missing, lacking, deficient, failing, wanting
inadequate, insufficient, scarce, deficient, poor, low
imperfect, deficient, imperfective, incomplete, defective, faulty
имя прилагательное
not having enough of a specified quality or ingredient.
this diet is deficient in vitamin B
The report accuses prosecutors of conducting deficient investigations or presenting inadequate evidence at the trials.
A study of more than 600 elderly women has found that many are deficient in Vitamin D, a substance formed in the skin during exposure to the sun.
And doctors also say an enzyme that helps breakdown sugar in the body, which is deficient in many diabetics, may also have an adverse effect on mental ability.
Over 2000 cases have been reported, reflecting the sensitivity of that growing gland to radioactive iodine, especially in children already deficient in iodine.
Security management at the base was called deficient and lacking cohesion.
The scientists exposed mice deficient in both genes to a second carcinogen, DMN, which is also found in smoke but also in beer, fish meal and some preserved meats.
I told myself that my attitude, knowledge, and skill cost a patient's life and I was deficient in all those qualities that a doctor should have.
The range at which identification can be reliably accomplished by these means, relative to weapon range, is marginal in daylight and deficient during periods of limited visibility.
But, as children currently eat 50 per cent less fish than they did during the Second World War, it is thought that most youngsters are deficient in Omega 3.
Women use them as a yardstick for measuring their own attractiveness, thus arriving at a warped perception of their own physical attributes as being hopelessly deficient .