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deficiency / дефицит, недостаток, нехватка
имя существительное
deficit, deficiency, shortage, scarcity, shortfall, gap
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, shortcoming
shortage, scarcity, deficiency, deficit, dearth, need
deficiency, insufficiently, deficiently, defectively
имя существительное
a lack or shortage.
vitamin A deficiency in children
vitamin A deficiency in children
This condition was caused by taking insulin and failing to eat which gave rise to a deficiency of blood sugar causing the appellant to be unaware of what he was doing.
An important deficiency of the act, however, was its failure to implement a standardised, routine data set for monitoring care plans.
Another remarkable feature Hu noticed in his early days in the city was the serious deficiency of work efficiency.
Yang deficiency unsuccessfully controls water, so there is profuse and clear urine.
Failure to meet this increased demand can result in a deficiency .
If we later find that a defaulted loan has an underwriting deficiency , we may ask the lender to repurchase the loan.
a budget deficiency of $96 billion
As the deficiency worsens children become pale and weak, eat less, and tire easily.
For if you love someone greatly, your love will be great enough to tolerate his or her shortcomings or deficiencies .