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deferment / отсрочка, откладывание
имя существительное
delay, postponement, respite, reprieve, grace, deferment
postponement, deferment, put-off
имя существительное
the action or fact of putting something off to a later time; postponement.
deferment of the decision
An IOC spokesman said last night the deferment was made in the interest of "fairness" to the athletes.
deferment of the decision
In the third paragaph he referred to the Paris Club and the deferment of repayments until 1999.
Then they tell me that they can only back date a deferment four months, so I'm lumped with a debt of over £ 2,000.
The maximum amount of deferment you can receive for unemployment or economic hardship is 3 years, and that's for the life of the loan.
Eligibility for deferment is based solely on the repayer's income.
As I said, my brother was in the army and I had no father, which meant I had a deferment because I was the support of my mother.
When UAL announced its deferment of the $72 million payment to its pension fund, it said it did so in order to "preserve its options."
deferment of the decision
Malmesbury maternity unit campaigners will continue to fight to save the unit following the deferment of a decision on its future.