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deference / уважение, почтительное отношение
имя существительное
respect, consideration, esteem, regard, honor, deference
почтительное отношение
имя существительное
humble submission and respect.
he addressed her with the deference due to age
But a loss of deference is very different from a loss of respect for other people.
But our relationship should be one of mature partnership not one of undue deference .
The prisoners were all perfectly submissive and paid every deference to the wishes of those in whose custody they were placed.
He confirms this shyly, perhaps out of deference to his employer, who trained with White and later became his great rival.
The judgment made by the defendant as the primary decision maker should be accorded due deference by the court.
Traditional class boundaries have been eroded and deference has all but disappeared from British society.
Elizabeth II came to the throne when Britain still enjoyed a society where deference joined with self respect.
For a court to do otherwise is for a court to fail to show proper deference to a legislative authority.
It was typical of a Queen who, in her own words, thoroughly disliked pomposity and ritual deference .
In a previous era he'd have been a gardener on a large estate, and still retains all of his deference to people he considers his betters.