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defensible / защитимый, могущий быть защищенным, удобный для обороны
имя прилагательное
могущий быть защищенным
удобный для обороны
имя прилагательное
justifiable by argument.
a morally defensible penal system
able to be protected.
a fort with a defensible yard at its feet
How do we make legitimate and defensible distinctions between medically necessary and superfluous therapy?
The Revolution was an explosion of popular violence, understandable if scarcely defensible resentment.
In a meritocratic society, intelligence was a defensible rationale for social distinctions.
They have to come up with reasonable and defensible public policies that can be explained in terms of the public interest.
That argument should be based on five simple and defensible propositions.
Not every decision or action may be defensible , warranting both guidelines and the scrutiny the review intended.
But if they decided to move in strength, he would never be able to stop them, however defensible the Gullet might be.
The principles of this were defensible space, community interaction, natural surveillance, estate design and target hardening.
I believe people today can be attracted to a belief system that is rational and defensible .
Following the war, UN resolution 242 recognized the nation's right to defensible borders, to be set in negotiations.