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defender / защитник, сторонник, защищающий чемпионский титул
имя существительное
defender, back, protector, quarterback, advocate, guard
supporter, advocate, proponent, adherent, believer, defender
защищающий чемпионский титул
имя существительное
a person who defends someone or something.
a defender of family values
No less solid is Landry's record as a defender of the interests of big business.
It is most unlikely that a determined defender of the cosmological line of reasoning would surrender even here.
His image as a defender of the national interest made him popular among the masses.
Bizarrely it was the fifth time this season that Doncaster have cashed in on an own goal, although the defender knew little about it.
As it was it took a goal from defender Grant Illingworth to clinch the points.
a defender of family values
It was a clear foul - like when players ease a defender out the way in the wall at a free-kick.
a determined defender of British interests
He is both a pure scorer and a persistent defender with the ability to alter the complexion of any game.
The defender beats some but not all of the cards played by the attacker.