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defend / защищать, отстаивать, защищаться
protect, defend, advocate, uphold, guard, shield
defend, advocate, assert, fight, stand up for, maintain
defend, defend oneself, guard against, be on the defensive, stand on the defensive, act on the defensive
resist an attack made on (someone or something); protect from harm or danger.
we shall defend our country, whatever the cost
Should we defend Sligo's famous son or are the criticisms justifiable.
They would not attack you unless to defend their territory but can be quite aggressive to each other.
I was a little shocked at the fact that he was attempting to defend me.
This season, they've had to assist Krzyzewski in inventing different ways for the team to score points and defend .
They have plenty of offensive weapons; Nash, Nowitski, Finley, and Jamison, and Daniels and Howard can score and defend .
So on this occasion I write to defend you out of principle, not likemindedness.
Yet we had a treaty with Vietnam saying that if they were attacked, we'd defend them.
That day, military service men and women launched, sailed, soared, and landed in harm's way to defend America's home front.
He said private lawyers would also make the trial fairer since the government is the complainant in the case, the prosecutor and at the same time expected to provide lawyers to defend the accused.
they were forced to defend for long periods