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defenceless / беззащитный, незащищенный, уязвимый
имя прилагательное
defenseless, helpless, unprotected, naked, fenceless, shelterless
unprotected, exposed, undefended, naked, unguarded, open
vulnerable, assailable, defenseless, pregnable, attackable, tender
имя прилагательное
without defense or protection; totally vulnerable.
attacks on defenseless civilians
As will have been seen from the above, the Crown's case was that here there was the deliberate stabbing of an unarmed and defenceless woman.
The elderly and vulnerable can feel defenceless , which prevents people from living their lives to the full.
She sounds charming, if a little defenceless now her husband isn't there to protect her.
In the face of such an onslaught, the Germans, military as well as civilians, were, by and large, defenceless .
Wireless technology is opening a potentially vast number of defenceless networks
The loss of innocent life and national terror induced by our defenselessness has taken on a surreal quality that is far beyond my experience.
He played right into my vulnerable defenseless beginner trap.
Its bearers confirm that message by their own surprising poverty and defenselessness .
She looked so frail and weak and vulnerable, so feeble and immobile, almost like an invalid, something about her defenselessness forced Ryan to comply to speak to his worst enemy, by croaking, ‘Of of course, Meg.’
They are completely defenseless and completely dependent, the easiest of targets.