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defective / неполноценный, неисправный, дефектный
имя прилагательное
defective, inadequate, imperfect, wastrel
faulty, defective, wrong, improper, crank, cranky
defective, imperfect, vicious, unsound, incomplete, off-color
имя существительное
дефективный субъект
недостаточный глагол
имя прилагательное
imperfect or faulty.
complaints over defective goods
имя существительное
a mentally handicapped person.
A genetic selection for mutants that activate this pathway uncovered a class of mutants defective in cell wall integrity.
These problems are associated with defective binocular vision and a comparable difficulty in locating sounds, due to abnormally-arranged nerve pathways from the eyes and inner ears to the brain.
During a three-hour check of 59 Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles they found eight had defective tyres, while one had a faulty exhaust.
Plato regarded the world of pure mathematical ideas as alone worthy of study; if physical objects did not conform to it, so much the worse for them, because they were defective and imperfect anyway.
He didn't smoke, and he jogged and worked out and ate right, but he had a defective heart - the wrong number of valves or something.
Apple packing houses currently rely on digital camera imagery to sort apples by surface appearance only, flagging those that are visibly defective or the wrong size or color.
Weak or defective spaces in the organs or tissues are where a pathological condition is likely to begin.
We are talking about corporations which - thanks in part to their own defective strategic vision, in part to circumstances beyond their control - appear to have lost the plot.
Summonses totalling R416000 have been served on drivers whose vehicles were found to have defects which included smooth tyres, defective brakes and faulty lights.
I think I spent most of my childhood under the impression that I just wasn't trying hard enough, or that perhaps my vision was somehow defective .