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defeatist / пораженец, капитулянт
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person who expects or is excessively ready to accept failure.
It also appeals to defeatists , cynics, and worldly-wise men who are not prepared to try to change the system.
имя прилагательное
demonstrating expectation or acceptance of failure.
we have a duty not to be so defeatist
Without wishing to sound like a defeatist , why would we have ever expected to have garnered a result in a fixture in which far better Scotland sides have foundered across the decades?
It's difficult not to have a defeatist attitude if the work one does in trying to maintain a space with meagre financial means and major bureaucratic procedure is constantly glossed over.
Another family of drugs disrupted one's ability to think rationally and logically and still another demoralized people and gave them a defeatist attitude or sense of hopelessness.
That's by no means a defeatist attitude, it's realistic - although every now and again a shock happens.
Even as the first shovel of silt was being removed, Siruthuli encountered scepticism - bordering on a defeatist attitude - even among farmers.
Savage realizes that in order to build up his men, he must first break down their defiant, defeatist attitudes.
Letting go of defeatist attitudes that you may not even realize you have is crucial.
I couldn't accept that defeatist attitude and neither could Dad.
And during one sequence before a party, we get a real sense of the shared defeatist attitude they have in common.
‘It's a kind of defeatist attitude because then we don't ask questions about what's really there, ‘he says.’