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defaulter / неплательщик, банкрот, уклонившийся от явки
имя существительное
bankrupt, insolvent, defaulter, lame duck
уклонившийся от явки
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a person who fails to fulfill a duty, obligation, or undertaking, especially to pay a debt.
In a population of 4 million people, 500,000 individual defaulters are failing to meet their obligations in respect of activity determined to be criminal by the court.
Any defaulter as per the above criteria was excluded from the study if she had become pregnant during the particular quarter.
An alcoholic and a chronic defaulter , he is still under treatment because he's been dragged back every time he tries to default.
The drug defaulter , just like the placebo reactor is not a consistent or readily identified person.
Earlier, the government had positively encouraged citizens to use cards but then strengthened restrictions because of the sharp increase in the number of credit defaulters .
The only organizational measure of the institution attended by defaulters was whether the defaulter graduated.
In 2004 the units - based in Revenue regions across the country - detected and registered 869 defaulters with tax liability.
All 13 of Waterford's tax defaulters were penalised for non-payment of income tax and for being the holders of bogus non-resident bank accounts.
The number of credit defaulters has reached 4 million and business activities have yet to regain vitality, but the government is maintaining an optimistic view for an early recovery.
They suggest that their evidence based refutations of erroneous beliefs commonly expressed by immunisation defaulters are useful in dispelling their concerns.
Farmers accounted for more than a quarter of the 1,231 tax defaulters , who made settlement but company directors paid the highest average sum, which amounts to €200,000 each.