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defame / порочить, клеветать, поносить
defame, denigrate, badmouth, besmirch, tarnish, calumniate
slander, denigrate, defame, calumniate, malign, libel
revile, blaspheme, vilify, denounce, abuse, defame
damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel.
he claimed that the article defamed his family
Mamase's accusations are clearly untrue and they must therefore have been made maliciously and with an intention to defame me.
People expect journalists to be careful when they write articles, but, unless they defame a person, they are not liable in negligence to somebody who may be affected by their article, because they do not owe that person a duty of care.
For example, you and I cannot, merely by agreement between us, agree to defame someone else or to infringe on someone's trademarks.
This " cyber terrorism " is not only designed to slander and defame opponents, but also attacks their characters and threatens their properties and even family members.
I recall Edward feeling frustrated and exasperated with this new attempt to defame him and discredit his work, but as usual, the attempt failed.
In the absence of that, it seems to me a political view that doesn't vilify anybody, doesn't defame anybody.
What public policy is served by inaccurate reports of court proceedings which defame people?
I must respectfully insist that you either substantiate these claims - which you cannot do because they are false - or publicly apologize for attempting to defame my character and damage my reputation.
The unlawful publication of defamatory matter is an actionable wrong.
Well, if that proposition is right, it means that if Justinian happens to make a mistake and defames some lawyer, then it has qualified privilege as long as it publishes its mistake in good faith, no matter how serious the defamation.