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deerskin / замша, оленья кожа, лосина
имя существительное
suede, chamois, deerskin, shammy, doeskin, shammy-leather
оленья кожа
buckskin, deerskin, doeskin
имя существительное
leather made from a deer's skin.
The men wore deerskin breechcloths.
Women wore a short skirt and sometimes a deerskin shirt.
Charlie Palmer removed his walnut-colored canvas field coat and deerskin shooting gloves.
He survived by eating his deerskin boots.
The fundamental item of men's clothing was a breechcloth made of a strip of deerskin or fabric.
The clothing of the Iroquois was typically made from deerskin .
The men wore deerskin breechcloths.
deerskin boots
With her long black braids and beaded deerskin dress, Rosebud Yellow Robe was an intriguing presence, holding audiences spellbound with her renditions of traditional Indian stories and her demonstrations of native crafts.
One could almost believe that at any moment Scott and his men would come shuffling in, hang up their deerskin coats and start boiling a brew.
More recent Indian medicine men carried charms, fetishes and sacred talismans in similar deerskin bags that must have been a potent symbol of tribal authority.