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deeply / глубоко
deep, deeply, profoundly, in depth, inly
far down or in.
he breathed deeply
It is only now he can reflect light-heartedly on an experience that hurt him deeply .
Keep on breathing deeply , breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
she was deeply hurt
Instead, we are deeply concerned at the terrible tragedy of so many biker deaths.
It moved me very deeply , stirred something within me, and that made me want to write.
We feel the pain and the loss very deeply since we are empathetically connected to you.
As you breathe in deeply , the salty scent of the sea mingles with fragrant hedgerows.
This has hurt me deeply , and I will do my best to be more thoughtful and articulate in the future.
He said the incident was deeply alarming and warned that it could have been more serious.
That said, this is an enjoyable and deeply moving effort to link literature, life and love.