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deep-set / глубоко посаженные
глубоко посаженный
имя прилагательное
(of a person's eyes) positioned deeply in the head.
his deep-set black eyes are powerful, still, and unrelenting
Behind dark lenses her eyes were deep-set , large, round, and they looked at Bob much too hard as she talked into his ear in short bursts: not in whispers but out loud, creating a disturbance.
Sitting regally and stiff-backed was a man clad in heavy red robes, his deep-set , half-lidded eyes inspecting Halas.
With her dark, deep-set eyes and initially rigid posture, she suggests a woman haunted by memory.
With his deep-set eyes, square jaw, 1950s hair and tight-jeans-and-T-shirt image he bears more than a passing resemblance to his father.
Amanda nodded and smiled with a deep-set satisfaction.
In Italy, Padre Pio's portrait, with its dark, deep-set eyes and salt-and-pepper beard, can be spotted in dry cleaners, taxis, post offices, and police stations.
With his deep-set green eyes, and perfect chiseled features, Manda wasn't surprised why most girls in campus thought of him devilishly handsome.
The other had shaved his head back to the skin, successfully pronouncing a severely-chiseled jaw line and deep-set eyes that were apparently incapable of anything but a most penetrating of stares.
The company has been embroiled in internal disputes for years, and its troubles have included fiscal problems, various legal actions and deep-set rifts between executives, directors and members.
The man stared at James with deep-set , piggish eyes but James continued to walk towards him, unperturbed.