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deep-seated / глубоко сидящий, укоренившийся, твердый
имя прилагательное
глубоко сидящий
rooted, ingrained, entrenched, established, ingrain, deep-seated
solid, hard, firm, strong, steadfast, deep-seated
имя прилагательное
firmly established at a deep or profound level.
deep-seated anxiety
But it takes training to refrain from longstanding and deep-seated habits of which one is often unaware.
There are deep-seated social causes for the lack of respect.
It is clearly a job which involves people, often with deep-seated problems, emotional issues and where the stakes can be high.
As the sociologist François Dubet explains, the uneasiness is more deep-seated that just job insecurity.
The director admits that these deep-seated tensions affected his own family experience as well.
There is a deep-seated and strong resistance to the idea of police reforms.
This doesn't mean that all truants are up to no good: some are avoiding school to avoid confronting more deep-seated problems.
If people are going to learn to engage in political action it is more likely to be deep-seated when they can relate it to their experiences.
If cosmetic surgery helps remove a deep-seated insecurity, then fantastic.
The problems that have arisen are profound and deep-seated .