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deep / глубоко, вглубь
deep, deeply, profoundly, in depth, inly
deep, inland
имя прилагательное
deep, profound, thorough, rich, keen, sound
deep, abyssal, Plutonic
low, lower, poor, deep, short, bottom
имя существительное
depth, deep, profound, intensity, deepness, profoundness
depth, deep, deepness
abyss, deep, chasm, gulf, profound, abysm
имя прилагательное
extending far down from the top or surface.
a deep gorge
very intense or extreme.
she was in deep trouble
(of sound) low in pitch and full in tone; not shrill.
a deep, resonant voice
(of color) dark and intense.
a deep pink
far down or in; deeply.
traveling deep into the countryside
имя существительное
the sea.
denizens of the deep
deep within her she knew that they wouldn't return
Her muscles clenched around his fingers and she growled deep in her throat.
Some short trails lead to viewpoints; longer and more difficult trails penetrate deep into the forest and wilderness.
The colours are deep and rich and help set an operatic mood and tone for almost every scene.
his hatred runs deep
Just behind him, a deep trench has been cut in the pristine lawns and a team of archaeologists are busy scraping at the exposed soil.
I pointed to the two of them, still deep in conversation by the karaoke machine.
They have the ability to penetrate right into the deep layers of the skin and travel to various organs, glands and tissues of the body.
I'm a pretty deep person, and cruising gives me a chance to be alone and think.
That is the exact opposite of my intention, which is deadly serious and prompted by deep grief and fierce anger.