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deejay / диск-жокей
имя существительное
disc-jockey, disk-jockey, deejay
имя существительное
a disc jockey.
Champps has its deejays make in-house announcements.
act as, or hold a job as, a disc jockey.
I met Tom whilst I was deejaying in a club in Taunton, in Somerset.
Working as a deejay was different from being just a news reporter.
A local deejay is attempting to lighten the mood after the arrival of a deadly virus in the African country in early May.
I haven't seen him since I was 12, but I remember he used to deejay in basements.
For economic reasons, most youths are not able to reproduce their musical output for further distribution, and the most common action is to give a copy to a deejay sympathetic to local musical talent for him or her to play on the air.
Having had her big break as a radio deejay and model, it's not surprising that she would take the progression to television.
He became a radio deejay for awhile then ran a pawnshop with his brother.
I was a radio deejay for a time, so I have a strong aversion to anybody tampering with my visions of a real artist.
Even with classics backing him up, the star here is Batta, an excitable deejay who effortlessly deflates all the pressure of the dub and turns the record into an almost joyous celebration.
The song switched off of the radio, and the deejay 's voice replaced it.
After he was elected student-body president, school officials ousted him from the president's post because they didn't want a deejay representing the school.