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deed / дело, поступок, акт
имя существительное
case, business, matter, point, deal, deed
act, action, deed, move, step, doing
act, certificate, instrument, deed, report, statement
передавать по акту
имя существительное
an action that is performed intentionally or consciously.
doing good deeds
a legal document that is signed and delivered, especially one regarding the ownership of property or legal rights.
Minors can't sign deeds or other legal documents, and they aren't allowed to receive money once the property is sold.
convey or transfer (property or rights) by legal deed.
they deeded their property to their children
However, his brave deed and the actions of his colleagues is now likely to be recognised both by the Garda authorities and the Irish Safety Council.
There was, in the events which happened, no tie or crossover between the loan contract and the mortgage deed .
Jane's brave deed is likely to raise around £600 towards the running of the centre.
As a result of the defeat, his every deed will be performed under a magnifying glass.
For Katharine Casey doing a good deed was a reward in itself.
she had erred in both deed and manner
Clans identify with animals that performed a kind deed or may have helped an ancestor through a crisis.
This outrageously noble deed must not remain singular.
But some, who saw what took place, said: From where does this child spring, since his every word is an accomplished deed ?
He prepared a mortgage deed , which the defendant executed.