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deduct / вычесть, вычитать, удерживать
subtract, deduct, take away, recoup, subduct, take
hold, hold back, refrain, restrain, retain, deduct
subtract or take away (an amount or part) from a total.
tax has been deducted from the payments
Once set up, the employer will have little obligation other than to deduct the amount of contribution from each employee.
You can deduct the actual amount of your sales taxes, which means holding on to sales receipts in case of an audit.
Because the deal was that I'd pay for your tickets at this end and then deduct the total sum from the first prize, before sending it on.
This overestimation means many taxpayers are able to deduct amounts that are actually private expenses.
The landlord said he would deduct the amount from the housing deposit.
When they pull a bottle from the cellar, they can deduct the amount from the log to keep inventory accurate.
Essentially those companies allow me to authorise them to deduct the amount of my bill every month.
You simply deduct the amount from your income on your tax return and, added bonus, it's at your highest rate of tax.
The position of the wife is that the husband should not be entitled to deduct this amount.
You can deduct the amount of any business loss against your other income.