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deduce / выводить, делать вывод, прослеживать происхождение
deduce, derive, conclude, show, remove, draw
делать вывод
conclude, infer, deduce, draw a conclusion, reason, elicit
прослеживать происхождение
arrive at (a fact or a conclusion) by reasoning; draw as a logical conclusion.
little can be safely deduced from these figures
he cannot deduce his descent wholly by heirs male
he cannot deduce his descent wholly by heirs male
to deduce a number
As conscious beings we can deduce that the logical conclusion of this decline is our extinction.
It's not possible to deduce moral conclusions from first principles.
to deduce sth from sth
deduce that the graph of f(x) does not intersect the x-axis
Scientists have deduced that the known physical universe has existed for approx 12 billion years since the Big Bang.
Things do not need to be symmetrical or deducible from first principles.
However, it is true that if a sentence is deducible in a correct deductive system from others, then the sentence is a deductive consequence of them.