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dedicate / посвящать, посветить, предназначать
dedicate, sanctify, devote, consecrate, inscribe, induct
dedicate, devote
intend, design, dedicate, destine, assign, earmark
devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose.
Joan has dedicated her life to animals
Mr Kolar quit his job to dedicate himself to a task he says has been almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Marthoma Metropolitan, Philipose Mar Chrysostom, will dedicate the building at a function at the Boys Home at 4 p.m.
you should dedicate a telephone line to each modem you plan to install
Choose your course wisely and dedicate yourself to that purpose.
Let us dedicate our best efforts in organizing our coming World Congress of Boxing Doctors, which will be the second in history.
the ex-president came to dedicate a $2.6 million recreation center
This summer they will dedicate the reclaimed open space as the 4,700-acre Orange County Great Park.
When all was ready, Bishop Dominic Conway came again May 13, 1973 to open and dedicate the new Holy Cross.
Despite his acclaim, he finds writing to be a saviour of sorts and always manages to find the time to dedicate himself to the creative task, no matter how busy his day.
But where did the initial inspiration to dedicate an art exhibition to the subject of Australian Football come from?