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decussate / пересекающийся под прямым углом, расположенный крестообразно
имя прилагательное
пересекающийся под прямым углом
расположенный крестообразно
имя прилагательное
shaped like an X.
(of two or more things) cross or intersect each other to form an X.
the fibers decussate in the collar
For example, many pioneer trees exhibit orthotropic (vertically oriented) shoots that successively produce leaves in spiral or decussate phyllotaxy.
This is much simpler than those reproductive organs of living Gnetales with a cone-like inflorescence that is organized by paired or decussate bracts.
This plant resembles some trimerophytes, such as Pertica, in that it has three-dimensional branching with branches arranged in a spiral or decussate pattern.
Orchids, however, have all possible tetrad types: linear, decussate , square, tetrahedral, rhomboid and T-shaped are all reported.
The sensory decussation is the key feature of this section.
These decussating bundles can be seen distinctly between the lips of the ventral median fissure.
The trigeminal alone had a spinal root which wandered down for a few centimetres past the decussation of the pyramids to finish at the level of the second cervical nerve.
The central canal and surrounding gray matter appear as though pushed dorsally by the decussating bundles of axons.
After decussating , these fibers ascend in a compact, ribbon like tract called the medial lemniscus.
The great majority of the pyramidal fibers which arise in the cerebral cortex and descend through the pyramids of the medulla cross in the decussation , most of the remainder forming the uncrossed ventral corticospinal tract.