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decrypt / расшифровывать, декодировать
decipher, decrypt, decode, unscramble, paraphrase
decode, decrypt
make (a coded or unclear message) intelligible.
the computer can be used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive transmissions
имя существительное
a text that has been decoded.
In a semi-polemical preface, he takes some unwarranted shots at post-Cold War studies of Soviet spying that are based on VENONA decrypts and documents from KGB and Comintern archives.
Failure to comply with a decryption notice will be a criminal office, unless the individual concerned can prove he or she did not have the ability to decrypt the message for any reason, such as losing the password.
The Aegis system allows a user to encrypt or decrypt a message by just hitting a button and entering a password, and the company says the password part of the process may be phased out soon.
But once you have the right key, it takes less than a fraction of a second to prove that the key is the correct key: All you do is decrypt the message.
Another thing that will come along - probably after more than a decade or two - is quantum cryptanalysis, where you would use a quantum computer to decrypt existing codes.
Since the eavesdropper doesn't know the starting point, he can't decrypt the message.
It should be easy to encrypt and decrypt messages with the key (which must be kept secret) but difficult to do so without it.
Otherwise, he can merely decrypt the message without any additional steps or effort.
the computer can be used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive transmissions
Everybody will know the information has come from you because only your public key can decrypt a message that has been encrypted using your private key.
Second, when they cannot decrypt the alien code, he gives her the key to the mystery.