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decry / осуждать, порицать, хулить
condemn, judge, denounce, criticize, convict, decry
blame, censure, condemn, deplore, decry, reprove
abuse, decry, slur, animadvert
publicly denounce.
they decried human rights abuses
If we are to decry the activities of professionals paid to protest public policy we should identify who they really are.
Critics decry episodes such as this one as egregious examples of a general bias in the obesity research community.
I am committed to doing my part to publicly decry a destructive repetition of history.
Critics also decry the political consequences of challenging the sanctity of wilderness.
Then they will decry human rights abuses in other countries.
Borges denounced Hitler almost from the start, decrying the arrival of Nazism as a catastrophe for German culture.
He decried it as an attack on the international working class, and encouraged all workers to refuse to go.
Plenty of critics have decried the flood of World War II games at one point or another.
What better argument exists for decrying the acts of despots?
Critics have decried this outcome, saying it would raise the government's annual deficit.