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decriminalize / декриминализовать
cease by legislation to treat (something) as illegal.
a battle to decriminalize drugs
After more than a year of internal debate, the Canadian government introduced legislation this week to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana but set stricter penalties for trafficking of the drug.
They want to decriminalize sex work, which is something quite different from legalizing it, as we learned with marijuana.
We will not legalize or decriminalize any drugs, nor do we envisage a time when this would be appropriate.
a battle to decriminalize drugs
Also in Spain, the Catalan Parliament unanimously approved a resolution to decriminalize the use of medical marijuana.
a battle to decriminalize cannabis
There are three options available to alleviate this problem, keeping it a criminal offence, decriminalize it and legalize it.
Tsai restated yesterday that the current aim of the small three links is only to decriminalize illegal trading that already exists in the Taiwan Strait.
Within a few years, the American Law Institute recommended decriminalizing consensual acts between adults, and many states subsequently revised their penal codes.
Other important figures supported decriminalization or legalization in the 1970s with arguments that resembled those that would be used twenty years later.