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decrepit / ветхий, дряхлый, изношенный
имя прилагательное
dilapidated, decrepit, ramshackle, rattletrap, tacky
decrepit, senile, infirm, ramshackle, wintery, wintry
threadbare, battered, frazzled, decrepit, outworn, worn down with use
имя прилагательное
(of a person) elderly and infirm.
a decrepit old drunk
It is old, rickety, and decrepit , and miraculously survives the nine-day trip.
We had just walked to the top of the hill and scrambled among the ruins of decrepit churches and an old stone castle.
As with Paradise, this story begins in a decrepit relic of a house inhabited by women on the edge of a dying town.
Pulling up outside the shop was a decrepit , battered motorcycle with sidecar and a rider of the same genre.
Anna is a femme fatale looking for a young powerful lover to help her murder her decrepit husband and make off with his fortune.
It might be that I'm too decrepit for the pace of it or it might be the lyrics.
The outside of the school is done up very nice to create a façade on the outside, but on the inside everything is dilapidated and decrepit .
And it would be lovely to actually build that house on Gola before we're too decrepit to take advantage of it.
To less decrepit members of the population than me, life means nightlife.
My parents are not decrepit old people; they insist on remaining as young as possible, and by doing so, they keep me young too.