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decree / указ, постановление, декрет
имя существительное
decree, edict, ordinance, ukase, fiat, enactment
decree, ruling, ordinance, provision, determination, act
decree, ordinance, fiat, decretal, doom
decide, enact, decree, rule
издавать указ
имя существительное
an official order issued by a legal authority.
However, the announcement must be followed by the promulgation of a presidential decree before it becomes official policy.
order (something) by decree.
the government decreed a ban on any contact with the guerrillas
The Court of Appeal's answer was affirmative: it was enough that, at the time of the pronouncement of the decree , the marriage would have been said to have a valid existence.
While a custody decree is an injunctive order, the courts too often fail to apply the principles that are applicable to all other injunctions.
the king ruled by decree
He was appointed Professor Extraordinary of that subject by decree of the Head of State issued on 22 July 1922.
Judge Jackson was appointed to sign the consent decree , which he did in August 1995.
He has been governing by emergency decree under the appropriate provisions of the Third Republic Constitution.
Since 2001, his majesty has ruled by decree , issuing more than 160 ‘temporary laws’ pending parliament's approval.
Rather than seeing the fruits of their labours and the promise of profits to come, they will see a lifetime's work taken away from them by the chief vet and enforced by government decree .
I note that the Husband did not make any allegation of non-consummation in his cross petition nor did he seek a decree of nullity.
A presidential decree on the composition of each partner's stake has yet to be issued.